Saturday, March 18, 2006

Trojan Ransomware: The hitech ransom collecting tool

Trojan Ransomware: The hitech ransom collecting tool

"It's been very difficult to fight with unknown enemy." Well said by Churchill or Roosevelt I don't know exactly by whom but you can experience it with a new computer bug, which locks up a user's file with encryption and demands a ransom of $300.

The security firm LURHQ discovered this "Ransomware" Trojan. Once infected with this Trojan the users of infected computers receive a ransom note via e-mail. The message says that their files have been encrypted and will not be unlocked unless they transfer $300 to a special account hold by the hackers.

The security firm LURHQ is not sure how the Trojan was spread. According to experts Ransomware spreads through infected e-mails, some experts also believe that visiting certain Web sites could be the reason of infection.

Backup is the only solution if you don't want to pay the ransom money. Organizations who take regular backups of their data may not suffer.


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