Thursday, March 02, 2006

Six windows vista versions in pipeline

Six windows vista versions in pipeline

Although nobody knows windows vista release date but six core offerings of its upcoming Windows Vista operating system are in pipeline. This time Microsoft plans to launch six verisons, targeting how people use computers instead of PC hardware specifications. I think Bill Gates is seriously thinking about Microsoft Windows Vista optimization.

Out of six offerings three offerings aimed at consumers, two at business users and a stripped-down edition for emerging markets. This time Microsoft Windows Vista will skip advanced 64-bit computing, multimedia computers or Tablet PCs.

Microsoft assured to deliver same number of offerings as in Windows XP, the differnce is that each of those offerings are targeted differently with a different set of features.

Home Premium with multimedia functions

Windows Vista Home Premium will be the major consumer product. It will allow users to record and watch HDTV, burn and author DVDs. Importance is given to the multimedia functions. It also enables Tablet PC technology to decipher handwriting to allow users write notes on the computer.

For consumers Vista Home Premium will be the middle option between the high-end Windows Vista Ultimate, It will include business-oriented features, and a bare-bone Windows Vista Home Basic without the multimedia functions.

Microsoft also plans Windows Vista Business for small and medium-sized businesses. Vista Enterprise will be aimed at global companies, having encryption features to protect information even if a computer is stolen.

The new microsoft windows vista versions are available for both 32-bit or 64-bit computer systems.


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