Monday, March 27, 2006

How do I make a backup cd for my computer without data corruption?

How do I make a backup cd for my computer without data corruption?

Experience is the best teacher of the mankind. Bad experience teaches you what not to do or what to avoid. Many people do not share their bad experience with others in anticipation to enjoy the replication of the fiasco previously happened with themselves (i.e. victims of bad experience). But I would like to share my bad experience with you so that you will not also become a victim like me. Let's start the topic...Being a victim of data loss I know the intensity of pain of loosing data. Yes, I am talking of data loss, the worst experience I ever faced in my life. I used term the "worst" experience, because I lost the backup data stored on CDs. Read this article to know why this happened and what solutions for continuous data protection I found to overcome it.

How to avoid data corruption?

I had some essential data to refer to that was backed up on a CD close to eight months ago. Being in a hurry when I burned the CD, I opted to buy a couple of unbranded CDs from my local shop for cheap. I was shocked when the CDs simply didn't work on my PC.

But I'll have you know that how can you avoid this? All you have to do is simply take a few precautionary steps when you first burn your CDs and while handling them later. This will definitely ascertain a longevity and better stability of your precious data on the CD.

Never compromise for quality

Quality is one of the important factors to have good endurance of data on the CDs. There are many unbranded CDs available in the market. No doubt, these the cheapest available way to backup data. But the fact is the quality of the CD directly affects the data stored on it. Higher the quality of CD, longer the data will be stored on it. Cheap quality unbranded CDs will probably stop working within six to twelve months. I will recommend you to use branded CDs such as Samsung, Sony and Moserbaer, and relax!

Importance of data rotation

If you are not comfortable or not confident about the quality of CD. If you don't want to rely blindly on CD, you can keep rotating the data every six to twelve months onto newer CD. This is what I learned from my very own experience.

Handle with care

Handle CDs correctly if you want them to stay longer. I will recommend you to hold it by placing your thumb on the rim and inserting your index finger in the center hole of CD. This will protect CD from finger print impressions on them.

Use marker pen to write on CD

If you don't want to damage the underlying data layer of your CD, I will recommend you to use marker pen to mark the CD. Never try ball pen for this purpose.

How to handle unlabelled CDs?

CDS and DVDs without labels or stickers especially unbranded CDs start to crack over a period of time. The cracks go down to the layer of the material where the data is stored. If this happens there's no solution to retrieve the stored data on it. In this case the only solution is to simply throw away the damaged CDs or if you still involved in them simply use them as tea mats. To avoid this situation use CD labels and stick them on CDs. If you're buying a printer go for printers that can print cd labels.

Protecting and storing CDs

Many people don't know the importance of protecting cd copying and storing CDs in proper way. I don't know why people let the CDs or DVDs lie around in the open instead of placing it back in its cover. A small dust particle is enough to make scratch on CD irrespective of fact that whether you let a CD out face up or face down. So it's always better to place it back in its cover as soon as you finish your work.

Regular clean up of CDs

Cleanliness is next to godliness, why? It's better to timely clean your CDs and DVDs rather than remembering God later for retrieving the lost data. Remove fingerprint marks and dirt wiping CD using lint-free cloth and wipe the CD/DVD in a straight line starting from the center towards rim in smooth manner.

Mild Washing of CDs

Don't hesitate to wash the CDs/DVDs if you feel that they need mild cleaning. Use lukewarm water with mild detergent, dip CDs into water and gently shake the CD in the solution. To dry CDs/DVDs again use the same lint-free clothe and soak up the water. To avoid scratches never scrub the CD for drying.

I never saw seriously towards protecting the stored data on CDs, but the day I realize that only CD backup is not enough reason to rely on, I decided to find the permanent data storage solution to protect the data stored on CDs and DVDs. I hope you will also find the above tips useful for buying and protecting your CDS and DVDs.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Swap meet: The hi-tech handshake

Swap meet: The hi-tech handshake

Isaac Asimov was one of the great sci-fi writers of all times. Recently I read Book by Isaac Asimov Titled I Robot one of the Isaac Asimov Collections. Being a fan of him I am always fascinated by the fantastic ideas described in his books. As you know imagination has no limits...I was always dreaming of swapping data through a handshake. Now it's going to be a reality soon.
The "RedTacton" technology is about to make it possible. Microsystems Integration Laboratories of the telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) are developing this technology.

This swap magic is possible with a 50g device of a matchbox size. If two people wear this device, they could simply receive each other's details into their mobile phones or PDA through body contact.

Working principle

The device works on a principle of optical electric field sensors that identifies similar electric fields on other bodies. The data goes through the body with a small amount of voltage when contact is made. Finally winding up in a portable terminal such as a mobile. This technology will also allow people to unlock a door by touching the door.

Now you can transmit data such as your visiting card information in single swap meet. In future, exchanging business cards could become a thing of the past and you can swap data simply through a handshake.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Trojan Ransomware: The hitech ransom collecting tool

Trojan Ransomware: The hitech ransom collecting tool

"It's been very difficult to fight with unknown enemy." Well said by Churchill or Roosevelt I don't know exactly by whom but you can experience it with a new computer bug, which locks up a user's file with encryption and demands a ransom of $300.

The security firm LURHQ discovered this "Ransomware" Trojan. Once infected with this Trojan the users of infected computers receive a ransom note via e-mail. The message says that their files have been encrypted and will not be unlocked unless they transfer $300 to a special account hold by the hackers.

The security firm LURHQ is not sure how the Trojan was spread. According to experts Ransomware spreads through infected e-mails, some experts also believe that visiting certain Web sites could be the reason of infection.

Backup is the only solution if you don't want to pay the ransom money. Organizations who take regular backups of their data may not suffer.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Six windows vista versions in pipeline

Six windows vista versions in pipeline

Although nobody knows windows vista release date but six core offerings of its upcoming Windows Vista operating system are in pipeline. This time Microsoft plans to launch six verisons, targeting how people use computers instead of PC hardware specifications. I think Bill Gates is seriously thinking about Microsoft Windows Vista optimization.

Out of six offerings three offerings aimed at consumers, two at business users and a stripped-down edition for emerging markets. This time Microsoft Windows Vista will skip advanced 64-bit computing, multimedia computers or Tablet PCs.

Microsoft assured to deliver same number of offerings as in Windows XP, the differnce is that each of those offerings are targeted differently with a different set of features.

Home Premium with multimedia functions

Windows Vista Home Premium will be the major consumer product. It will allow users to record and watch HDTV, burn and author DVDs. Importance is given to the multimedia functions. It also enables Tablet PC technology to decipher handwriting to allow users write notes on the computer.

For consumers Vista Home Premium will be the middle option between the high-end Windows Vista Ultimate, It will include business-oriented features, and a bare-bone Windows Vista Home Basic without the multimedia functions.

Microsoft also plans Windows Vista Business for small and medium-sized businesses. Vista Enterprise will be aimed at global companies, having encryption features to protect information even if a computer is stolen.

The new microsoft windows vista versions are available for both 32-bit or 64-bit computer systems.