Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Valentine's day and facts about Valentine Virus

The Valentine's day and facts about Valentine Virus

What may be the occassion, the virus writers wanna have reason to attack your computer. I know on Valentine's Day you are eager to open all those Valentine Day messages in your mailbox, be cautious! A Valentine virus could just cause your computer to crash. Some of them could be genuine messages, but my aim is to keep away the message of valentine virus. Computer hacker and virus writer motives are clear, take the advantage of valentine 's day fever.

Valentine Day virus may not be as harmless as it appear to be. A click on the email attachment could lead your computer to crash or hackers could remotely handle your computer. After infection your computer could begin spamming your contacts from your address list.

Many security experts treat this virus as Hoax, usually arrive in the form of an email. Experts recommend to disregard the hoax emails because they contain bogus warnings with the only intention of frightening or misleading users. The best solution is to simply delete these hoax emails and enjoy valentine's day and party.


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