Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kama sutra a tale of love or virus

Kama sutra a tale of love or virus

Many years back Vatsayan the Indian Love Guru gifted Kama sutra a tale of love to love making community. But the modern Vatsayans are busy in gifting Kamasutra to the community of Internet users. "Kamasutra" a computer virus will strike on February 3, it will corrupt doc, pdf and zip files.

Kamasutra first emerged on January 16, led to crash 300,000 computers across the world. But this time impact of Kamasutra will be worst on February 3. The most affected countries will be Italy, Peru and India. This virus will especially target computer users using Norton antivirus program.

Variants of Kamasutra

  • CME-24

  • MyWife or BlackWorm

The only motive behind spreading Kamasutra is to destroy Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint documents and Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop files of an infected computer. Amazingly it has been noticed that, hackers don't have the money making motive.

It is seemed that apart from disabling anti-virus softwares, Kama Sutra will also attack address books to find e-mail addresses and disable mouse and keyboard. Almost all Windows OS are under threat to be under attack. The virus will come as email attachment having embedded with malicious code, which has actually attachment of falsely, claimed pornographic videos and pictures.


If your keyboard and mouse don't work and you have been forced to reboot your PC, it's the symptom of the infection Kamasutra virus. The only solution you can save your files from Kamasutra virus is by updating your anti-virus program before February 3.


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