Friday, January 20, 2006

Want to know how is spyware related to viruses?

Want to know how is spyware related to viruses?

Many people want to know how is spyware related to viruses? A virus is a piece of malicious software code. This software code is actually a program, which is intentionally written to cause damage to a computer system or network. Virus enters into your PC via email attachment through Internet. If anyone clicks the email attachment then only virus infects the computer. The best policy to keep your PC virus free is to avoid clicking unknown email attachments.

"Spyware" as name indicates is designed to keep watch on your online activities. The ultimate aim of spyware is to steal something. Spyware is more notorious than virus. It is very difficult to remove spyware due to its replicating nature. It also deeply hides somewhere on the hard drive.

Spyware is installed on your computer when a browser redirects towards spoof site made by hackers. Once installed spyware will record your activities and pass important data like your credit card number, important passwords, your bank account number etc. to hackers. Then hackers will use this data for their benefit.

Spyware is program that hide on your PC's hard drive without your knowledge. Hackers use it to track your surfing behavior. They will study your online activities like websites you visit, items you buy etc. and use this information to dupe you.

The hackers literally control your PC. They will even modify the search results with their manipulated results. What hackers can do is an endless list. In short, they can harm you using spyware.

Internet users often ask me the question which anti-virus program they should use to remove spyware. Well to be very frank there is no such foolproof anti-virus program available. I would rather recommend you to use good quality anti-spyware program like "Spybot search and destroy" and stay away from fake spyware programs which actually install their own spyware after removing their rival spyware.


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