Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gates unwraps Windows Vista

Gates unwraps Windows Vista

Recently Bill Gates unveils much talked about operating system, Windows Vista. The entire presentation ceremony was aimed to project the software giant as the entertainment hub for next-generation digitally connected homes.

Vista will allow users to plug their digital cable directly into their PC to watch and record high-definition cable content. New features of Vista highlighted by Gates is expected to have Windows Media Center's plug-and-play technology which is compatible with digital cable cards that allow high-definition programming without a set-top box. Gates proclaimed, these features would create a true multimedia experience.

Gates also proclaimed that it will also work in combination with DIRECTV to enable the transfer of digital content among Windows PCs, DIRECTV devices and the Xbox 360 to allow customers to watch movies and programs they get on their TV and play them on a number of different devices simultaneously.

According to Gates, among the other key features of Vista will include better graphics for video games, a new user interface, easier search across the PC's hard drive and improved parental controls.

Gates also unveiled MTV Network's Urge Music Service, which will be the part of the Windows Media Center 11 and enables users to have instant access to 2 million songs and videos from library of MTV.


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