Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Emperor of the web, Google!

Emperor of the web, Google!

According to a poll of cnn.com users, Google is the most significant development in the 15-Year History Of the Internet. Hats off to Google! The cnn.com carried out a survey for three weeks nearly 18,000 users voted in this survey.

cnn.com sorted out a list of the top 10 defining moments during this time, and asked viewers whether they agreed with the list. 41% i.e. 7,198 people agreed that the advent of Google had the biggest impact on the World Wide Web.

Google has redefined search by inventing a new search tool and created a solid impact on search engine business. cnn.com invited several viewers to write and express their opinions about the selected list of top moments, and their views on the web.

List of top 10 web moments:

1. Google

2. Hotmail

3. Boom and bust

4. Tsunami and 9/11

5. Lewinsky scandal

6. Napster goes offline

7. Live 8 on AOL

8. Skype

9. Webcams and photo sharing

10. WiFi hotspots

Although some cnn.com users disagreed with the list. Some of them pointed out that list should have included e-mail, Ebay, Amazon, etc.


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