Sunday, December 18, 2005

A worm Dasher boards on Internet

A worm Dasher boards on Internet

On the eve of Christmas holidays a worm Dasher boards on the Internet. It is the malicious software, which mainly targets Windows 2000 systems. Dasher began circulating on Thursday, two more variants of the worm have now been reported F-Secure Corp.

Dasher is a component of the operating system that is commonly used by database software to help manage transactions. This bug is rated "critical" for Windows 2000 systems.

Dasher has two known variants in circulation, which install software to infect other systems and can also be used to log keystrokes and turn the computer into a remotely controlled "bot" system.

The Dasher worm was discovered during enterprise Java application designing. According to security researchers Dasher could be used to create a worm similar to Zotob attack, which was responsible for crashing numbers of system across the world.


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