Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wanna chat with a bot

Wanna chat with a bot

Last week my friend's computer gets infected with malicious instant-message bot, which created awareness to gather the information about the bot. A well-known security firm issued the warning immediately after spotting these chat room bots. The security firm published details of a new threat known as IM.Myspace04.AIM. I heard that Yahoo chat bots, MSN chat bots are also names of chat bots.

After infecting the computer of an America Online Inc. IM user, the bot sends messages to targeted people on the infected user's buddy list, making the messages appear to come from the infected user. The interesting thing is that, user isn't aware that the messages are being sent. After clicking on a URL sent with a message, recipient's computer will also get infected and starts spreading the virus on healthy computers.

What is bot?

A bot has capability to interact with people or other programs. Going in more detail bot is auto-answering program usually used by messengers like AOL to answer the user's questions via IM, such as directory queries.

My friend told me the experience when this malicious bot replies to messages. If a recipient responds after the initial message, the bot replies with messages such as "lol no its not its a virus" and "lol thats cool." This could increase infections.

Some similar IM bots install spybots or keyloggers onto users' computers; these malicious programs record keystrokes or other user activities to hack user passwords or other personal information. So friends beware of such bots before they take over your machine.


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