Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone but beware of Santa virus

Merry Christmas Everyone but beware of Santa virus

Merry Christmas Netizens! On the Christmas Eve I wish you a happy Christmas. I have a ray of hope in my mind, this year Santa will shower the gifts of a joy, peace and prosperity on entire world. Although my Christmas Wish List is unlimited but at least I hope, the satanic virus writers will not spoil our Christmas mood. But no I am wrong.

As you know, usually a festive season (or the satanic forces?) forces the virus writers to spread the malicious viruses on the Internet. Even the international events and personalities like Osama Bin Laden and capture of Saddam Hussein inspire the virus writers to do some nuisance to spread the viruses of their name (Variants of Bobax worm).

This time a Trojan named TROJ-SAMX .A containing an attachment named MERRY CHRISTMAS !.rar through email. Beware while clicking on your online Christmas gifts or egreetings cards and in hurry if you tempted to click, please don't click on one ending in a "rar". TrendMicro, an anti-virus company has detected this Trojan.

Unfortunately if you click on it, a non-malicious , Christmas-related animation file SWF file, MERRY CHRISTMAS!.swf, opens distracting users and drops a file named SQLSERVER.EXE.

This Trojan has low nuisance value and it just opens a port and spreads itself in the system and may damage some files, it might be dangerous when it opens a port and leaves it free, if the virus writer tracks open ports he can intrude into your system and use your data.

The affected systems...

The TROJ-SAMX .A affects Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003 operating systems and execute on system startup. TROJ-SAMX .A acts as a proxy server and forward requests from a user to a target server. On receipt of a reply it forwards the reply to the original user. It allows spammer to hide their actual locations.

So friends, be cautious! This Christmas Santa Claus is coming to cyber world with Santa virus in his pouch.


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