Wednesday, December 14, 2005

iRobot Scooba- A perfect Christmas gift for wife

iRobot Scooba- A perfect Christmas gift for wife

After getting twisted my arm in doing painful job of cleaning the floor of my home as punishment from my wife. I was madly in search of maidservant. Average looking or ugly maid will be additional qualification ...from my wife's perspective but for me beautiful maidservant is most welcome (please don't tell my wife). Jokes apart, finally iRobot Scooba came to my help.

iRobot Scooba is the Floor cleaning Robot. The Scooba sweeps, scrubs, mops, and it also dries the floor. You can relax, once you impart the floor cleaning duty to Scooba.

The Scooba is perfectly designed for picking up debris, later it applies a cleaning solution, and collects dirty water and dirt. I like one thing about Scooba is that it applies only clean water and Clorox cleaning solution to floors.

irobot scooba is very's so simple to handle...The Scooba has only two buttons Power button and Clean button. Red and green light indicators show the power status whereas the clean button light indicates cleaning process messages.

Its service code indicator and message lights tell you when to check its tank, when the Scooba is baffled, and when something is forcing Scooba to stop the scrubbing roller brush.

The Scooba's robot brain thinks like us, first it navigates your entire room skipping obstacles, and will clean the entire room.

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