Thursday, December 01, 2005

Important Laptop Security Tips

Example of a laptop security policy

While I was touring for my work one of the my colleagues lost his laptop. Thanks god I didn't, and off course I have strong reason rather I would say strong solutions for not to lose my laptop. I always carry laptop security locks along with my laptop on business tour. Yes... I mean it guys. The world has become so tiny that you can carry your entire world around on your laptop, mobile or PDA. But don't forget that opportunist thieves are always around you to rob you, and also not forget that laptop security cable is not sufficient to protect your expensive laptop with valuable data because hi-tech thieves might have oxyacetylene flame cutter with them. Relax friends I have precious tips on how to prevent your valuable data from being stolen by burglars.

  • Backup Your Valuable Data

    What I do is email my important data to myself. This is my style of taking backup. Apart from this you can take hard copies of your important data, apply biometric security like a fingerprint reader that allows access only if your print matches.

  • Use laptop security cable locks

    You can use cables locks for attaching your laptop to something fix. Many laptop computers come along with a Universal Security Slot (USS) that allows the laptops to be attached to a cable lock.

  • Motion-detecting alarms

    You may also try small motion-detecting alarms that are placed in the bag with the laptop. These are fixed using the lock port and beep when burglar tries to steal the notebook.

  • Labeling and Laptop Tracking

    Labeling your laptop is another idea to track your laptop. Use stick-on labels or digital labels if some good fellow finds your misplaced gadget, he may ship your device back to you.

  • Remote Tracking

    Track your missing notebook or PDA with remote tracking software. This software, after installation, sends an e-mail message to your email address, as soon as your laptop connects to the Internet. So if you are lucky and the stolen laptop goes online, you could locate the thief and recover your laptop.

  • Encrypt your stolen data

    If the thief gets access to your device, you can able to encrypt data on devices for security even after your laptop is stolen. Many such softwares available in market. But I would advice you not to store any confidential information on the notebook. Instead, keep it on your desktop PC and access it with GoToMyPC software.

If you want to compensate your monetary loss or recover the cost of your stolen laptop the insurance firm will compensate you for any loss or damage due to fire, lightning, theft, and accidental damage. So stop blaming fate and enjoy your tour.

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