Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beware of credit card skimming!

Beware of credit card skimming!

Last month I went to a famous shopping mall with my wife for a shopping. Can you guess what did I purchase? You are right guys the diamond jewellery for my wife (very easy to guess), iPod for me and xBox 360 for my son. Surprisingly I couldn't guess the figure in my credit card statement for this purchase. I was shocked when I saw the credit card statement...not because of jewellery bill...but the amount charged for the purchase that I didn't do.

Amazing, but it's true. A point of sale operator, waiter or a cashier could have swiped an extra swipe of your credit card to whom you have handed over your credit card for payments. A small hand-held device known as a skimmer makes it possible. The skimmer is a credit card skimming machine and is easily available on Internet.

Credit card skimming machine simply copies the information from your credit card, which is used by a fraudster to make a cloned credit card. A single credit card skimming machine has the capacity to hold data from hundreds of different credit cards.

Important tips to fight against credit card skimming

Keep a close eye on your transactions made by credit card when paying in a mall, restaurant or gas station. If possible follow a waiter back to the payment terminal in a restaurant. It may look awkward and silly but it's essential to avoid your credit card to be cloned and misused.

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