Thursday, December 08, 2005

Are you waiting for Vista beta release update?

As a desperate technology lover I am badly waiting for Longhorn aka Vista. Although the name Longhorn vanishes somewhere in between but I am hopeful that on one fine day I will able to experience the crispy features of Windows Vista. I am very eager to know Windows Vista hardware specification.

Now I am sure that delay tack tics are a part of a game from Microsoft. Usually Microsoft do this to arise the interest for the upcoming OS or you may say this is a part of pre-launch stunt but this time I think that Team Microsoft is facing some problems therefore Microsoft Corp.'s business customers may have come to expect some delays in product releases. I think the Microsoft is going to be under pressure over the next year to deliver its Windows Vista operating system on time.

Even I don't think that majority of business customers will immediately switch to the Vista. According to reliable sources the official release will start a process for those planning major hardware and software upgrades and companies need about 18 months to test and deploy a new operating system for users.

Overall I predict that users of Windows 2000 are first to move to Vista, as likely poor support of vendor application in future while Windows XP users will take more time to switchover because support from Microsoft for that software will continue two years after the Vista release.

Windows Vista would face strong competition from vendors such as SAP AG or Oracle Corp. offering hosted enterprise applications running within browsers. Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. are also working jointly on a software-as-services concept this may create a challenge to Microsoft.


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