Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone but beware of Santa virus

Merry Christmas Everyone but beware of Santa virus

Merry Christmas Netizens! On the Christmas Eve I wish you a happy Christmas. I have a ray of hope in my mind, this year Santa will shower the gifts of a joy, peace and prosperity on entire world. Although my Christmas Wish List is unlimited but at least I hope, the satanic virus writers will not spoil our Christmas mood. But no I am wrong.

As you know, usually a festive season (or the satanic forces?) forces the virus writers to spread the malicious viruses on the Internet. Even the international events and personalities like Osama Bin Laden and capture of Saddam Hussein inspire the virus writers to do some nuisance to spread the viruses of their name (Variants of Bobax worm).

This time a Trojan named TROJ-SAMX .A containing an attachment named MERRY CHRISTMAS !.rar through email. Beware while clicking on your online Christmas gifts or egreetings cards and in hurry if you tempted to click, please don't click on one ending in a "rar". TrendMicro, an anti-virus company has detected this Trojan.

Unfortunately if you click on it, a non-malicious , Christmas-related animation file SWF file, MERRY CHRISTMAS!.swf, opens distracting users and drops a file named SQLSERVER.EXE.

This Trojan has low nuisance value and it just opens a port and spreads itself in the system and may damage some files, it might be dangerous when it opens a port and leaves it free, if the virus writer tracks open ports he can intrude into your system and use your data.

The affected systems...

The TROJ-SAMX .A affects Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003 operating systems and execute on system startup. TROJ-SAMX .A acts as a proxy server and forward requests from a user to a target server. On receipt of a reply it forwards the reply to the original user. It allows spammer to hide their actual locations.

So friends, be cautious! This Christmas Santa Claus is coming to cyber world with Santa virus in his pouch.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beware of credit card skimming!

Beware of credit card skimming!

Last month I went to a famous shopping mall with my wife for a shopping. Can you guess what did I purchase? You are right guys the diamond jewellery for my wife (very easy to guess), iPod for me and xBox 360 for my son. Surprisingly I couldn't guess the figure in my credit card statement for this purchase. I was shocked when I saw the credit card statement...not because of jewellery bill...but the amount charged for the purchase that I didn't do.

Amazing, but it's true. A point of sale operator, waiter or a cashier could have swiped an extra swipe of your credit card to whom you have handed over your credit card for payments. A small hand-held device known as a skimmer makes it possible. The skimmer is a credit card skimming machine and is easily available on Internet.

Credit card skimming machine simply copies the information from your credit card, which is used by a fraudster to make a cloned credit card. A single credit card skimming machine has the capacity to hold data from hundreds of different credit cards.

Important tips to fight against credit card skimming

Keep a close eye on your transactions made by credit card when paying in a mall, restaurant or gas station. If possible follow a waiter back to the payment terminal in a restaurant. It may look awkward and silly but it's essential to avoid your credit card to be cloned and misused.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A worm Dasher boards on Internet

A worm Dasher boards on Internet

On the eve of Christmas holidays a worm Dasher boards on the Internet. It is the malicious software, which mainly targets Windows 2000 systems. Dasher began circulating on Thursday, two more variants of the worm have now been reported F-Secure Corp.

Dasher is a component of the operating system that is commonly used by database software to help manage transactions. This bug is rated "critical" for Windows 2000 systems.

Dasher has two known variants in circulation, which install software to infect other systems and can also be used to log keystrokes and turn the computer into a remotely controlled "bot" system.

The Dasher worm was discovered during enterprise Java application designing. According to security researchers Dasher could be used to create a worm similar to Zotob attack, which was responsible for crashing numbers of system across the world.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday Phishing: Information on phishing scams

Holiday Phishing: Information on phishing scams

Friends! Festive mood has been warming up gradually and so is the online shopping fever. Make sure you enjoy trouble-free online shopping in this season and wel-come year 2006 with smiling face.

Every now and then, fly-by-night online store comes and vanished. It's very difficult to discriminate between genuine site and spoof site. The online scams have becoming more and more common. This article will guide you to differentiate between good and bad and what to do if you're involved in a phishing scam? In this article I also tried to give you some useful tips to avoid such scams.

Play safe with online shopping

The secure site has a padlock icon in the locked position in the lower right hand corner of your browser window. This is the indication of the site uses encryption technology to send information from your computer to the computer of online shopping mall.

Secondly check whether a site is secure by checking the URL field of the browser and make sure that site uses the https:// prefix. The "s" after "http" stands for "secure" indicating that you are landed over the secure Web site.

Remember you can see the "s" or a locked padlock only if you actually go to the order page on the Web site. Please don't fully rely on "s", for safer side please check out the company's authenticity with reputed business bureau's site.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

iRobot Scooba- A perfect Christmas gift for wife

iRobot Scooba- A perfect Christmas gift for wife

After getting twisted my arm in doing painful job of cleaning the floor of my home as punishment from my wife. I was madly in search of maidservant. Average looking or ugly maid will be additional qualification ...from my wife's perspective but for me beautiful maidservant is most welcome (please don't tell my wife). Jokes apart, finally iRobot Scooba came to my help.

iRobot Scooba is the Floor cleaning Robot. The Scooba sweeps, scrubs, mops, and it also dries the floor. You can relax, once you impart the floor cleaning duty to Scooba.

The Scooba is perfectly designed for picking up debris, later it applies a cleaning solution, and collects dirty water and dirt. I like one thing about Scooba is that it applies only clean water and Clorox cleaning solution to floors.

irobot scooba is very's so simple to handle...The Scooba has only two buttons Power button and Clean button. Red and green light indicators show the power status whereas the clean button light indicates cleaning process messages.

Its service code indicator and message lights tell you when to check its tank, when the Scooba is baffled, and when something is forcing Scooba to stop the scrubbing roller brush.

The Scooba's robot brain thinks like us, first it navigates your entire room skipping obstacles, and will clean the entire room.

Scooba FAQs

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

First Windows Live Messenger Beta about to release

First Windows Live Messenger Beta about to release

At last Microsoft Corp. is planning to release first beta version of its Windows Live Messenger beta instant-messaging service to testers this week. I have got information from reliable sources that Microsoft will launch the first Windows Live Messenger beta test on 13th Dec 2005.

Compare to existing version of messenger the new Windows Live Messenger will be as enjoyable as the present Messenger and it also offers you the facility to transfer your existing contact list and other personal stuff to new beta version.

Additional VOIP capabilities will also be included by Microsoft in its first Windows Live Messenger release. Previously this facility was included in MSN Messenger 7.0 release.

Make phone calls from PC

It will enable Windows Live Messenger users to make phone calls from PCs to any phone with help of MCI Inc. and MCI will sell Live Messenger users blocks of VOIP time.

Microsoft claims that the new amazing features are the point of attraction for new users. Microsoft also claims that Live Messenger release will have a new fresh look and feel and avail the users to make domestic and international PC-to-telephone calls at incredibly low rates.
Testers have already received beta invitations from Microsoft for this new beta version.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wanna chat with a bot

Wanna chat with a bot

Last week my friend's computer gets infected with malicious instant-message bot, which created awareness to gather the information about the bot. A well-known security firm issued the warning immediately after spotting these chat room bots. The security firm published details of a new threat known as IM.Myspace04.AIM. I heard that Yahoo chat bots, MSN chat bots are also names of chat bots.

After infecting the computer of an America Online Inc. IM user, the bot sends messages to targeted people on the infected user's buddy list, making the messages appear to come from the infected user. The interesting thing is that, user isn't aware that the messages are being sent. After clicking on a URL sent with a message, recipient's computer will also get infected and starts spreading the virus on healthy computers.

What is bot?

A bot has capability to interact with people or other programs. Going in more detail bot is auto-answering program usually used by messengers like AOL to answer the user's questions via IM, such as directory queries.

My friend told me the experience when this malicious bot replies to messages. If a recipient responds after the initial message, the bot replies with messages such as "lol no its not its a virus" and "lol thats cool." This could increase infections.

Some similar IM bots install spybots or keyloggers onto users' computers; these malicious programs record keystrokes or other user activities to hack user passwords or other personal information. So friends beware of such bots before they take over your machine.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Are you waiting for Vista beta release update?

As a desperate technology lover I am badly waiting for Longhorn aka Vista. Although the name Longhorn vanishes somewhere in between but I am hopeful that on one fine day I will able to experience the crispy features of Windows Vista. I am very eager to know Windows Vista hardware specification.

Now I am sure that delay tack tics are a part of a game from Microsoft. Usually Microsoft do this to arise the interest for the upcoming OS or you may say this is a part of pre-launch stunt but this time I think that Team Microsoft is facing some problems therefore Microsoft Corp.'s business customers may have come to expect some delays in product releases. I think the Microsoft is going to be under pressure over the next year to deliver its Windows Vista operating system on time.

Even I don't think that majority of business customers will immediately switch to the Vista. According to reliable sources the official release will start a process for those planning major hardware and software upgrades and companies need about 18 months to test and deploy a new operating system for users.

Overall I predict that users of Windows 2000 are first to move to Vista, as likely poor support of vendor application in future while Windows XP users will take more time to switchover because support from Microsoft for that software will continue two years after the Vista release.

Windows Vista would face strong competition from vendors such as SAP AG or Oracle Corp. offering hosted enterprise applications running within browsers. Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. are also working jointly on a software-as-services concept this may create a challenge to Microsoft.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Important Laptop Security Tips

Example of a laptop security policy

While I was touring for my work one of the my colleagues lost his laptop. Thanks god I didn't, and off course I have strong reason rather I would say strong solutions for not to lose my laptop. I always carry laptop security locks along with my laptop on business tour. Yes... I mean it guys. The world has become so tiny that you can carry your entire world around on your laptop, mobile or PDA. But don't forget that opportunist thieves are always around you to rob you, and also not forget that laptop security cable is not sufficient to protect your expensive laptop with valuable data because hi-tech thieves might have oxyacetylene flame cutter with them. Relax friends I have precious tips on how to prevent your valuable data from being stolen by burglars.

  • Backup Your Valuable Data

    What I do is email my important data to myself. This is my style of taking backup. Apart from this you can take hard copies of your important data, apply biometric security like a fingerprint reader that allows access only if your print matches.

  • Use laptop security cable locks

    You can use cables locks for attaching your laptop to something fix. Many laptop computers come along with a Universal Security Slot (USS) that allows the laptops to be attached to a cable lock.

  • Motion-detecting alarms

    You may also try small motion-detecting alarms that are placed in the bag with the laptop. These are fixed using the lock port and beep when burglar tries to steal the notebook.

  • Labeling and Laptop Tracking

    Labeling your laptop is another idea to track your laptop. Use stick-on labels or digital labels if some good fellow finds your misplaced gadget, he may ship your device back to you.

  • Remote Tracking

    Track your missing notebook or PDA with remote tracking software. This software, after installation, sends an e-mail message to your email address, as soon as your laptop connects to the Internet. So if you are lucky and the stolen laptop goes online, you could locate the thief and recover your laptop.

  • Encrypt your stolen data

    If the thief gets access to your device, you can able to encrypt data on devices for security even after your laptop is stolen. Many such softwares available in market. But I would advice you not to store any confidential information on the notebook. Instead, keep it on your desktop PC and access it with GoToMyPC software.

If you want to compensate your monetary loss or recover the cost of your stolen laptop the insurance firm will compensate you for any loss or damage due to fire, lightning, theft, and accidental damage. So stop blaming fate and enjoy your tour.

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