Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The zombies virus real threat comes back

The zombies virus real threat comes back

I had a nightmare last night where I was wandering on empty street in dark night. Suddenly I caught by the zombies. As soon as they tried to eat me I screamed up and got awake. If I am not mistaken Zombies are fictitious characters from Hollywood movies but in the cyber world Zombies are notorious characters known as spam zombies. Spam Zombies are most hated entities by Netizens.

With help from zombie machines infected by earlier editions of the Sober worm. Anti-virus vendors warned Netizens about a new variant of the Sober worm that was targeting e-mail servers across the world.

Sober.AG is the latest variant of mass e-mail worms. Appeared on Monday, after machines infected with older variants began spamming out the new version in a massive e-mail flood.
The spoof e-mail messages lure the recipients forcing them to open the virus attachment, including messages that falsely assume to come from the FBI and CIA.

MessageLabs said it blocked more than 2.7 million e-mail messages with the new Sober variant.
Symantec said that the company has received more than 1,600 samples of the worm from corporations and 300 from consumers.

Although Sober worms are not new, but it has been in limelight due to its latest variant that is much more widely distributed than other recent versions.
This new variant of Sober uses a variety of tempting messages to lure users both in German and English.
Messages pretend to come from the FBI or CIA request users that their IP address has been logged on more than 30 illegal Websites, and ask them to open an attached file containing a list of questions.

Many recipients of Sober.AG worm attachment get spoofed by the promises of a glimpse of videos of jet-setters Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Once you open the attachment Sober worm spreads and infects your PC.

The FBI has already alerted the public not to fall a prey to spam zombies and advised customers to update their anti-virus signatures immediately to stop spam zombies.


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