Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tips For Using WiFi Hot Spots

Tips For Using WiFi Hot Spots

Internet access via free public wireless networks is provided by many service providers and known as Hot Spots. Now a day Hot Spots are available at railway stations, airports, and fast food chains and even at underground subways.

The Hot Spots enable you to get instantly online at any location where these facilities are available. No doubt all credit goes to advance technology but what about security. What is the security risk involved? The question of security arises because these networks are built for ease of use. Neglecting security aspect of networking.

The hackers with the help of Packet Sniffers software can steal unsecured and unencrypted packets of data from the air for later use of their personal benefits.
In this scenario if a person who has logged in with his username and passwords and he doesn't have a proper configuration of security set up on his laptop. Then a hacker could easily intrude into victim's laptop with an intention to steal personal information of victim.

It means that some precautions have to be taken while connecting to Hot Spots. Also it doesn't mean that all the connections through the Hot Spots are vulnerable to attacks. Many service providers do provide some defensive solutions such as air monitors to locate unusual activities on the network. But as an individual user of these Hot Spots, it is recommended to be very cautious while surfing through these Hot Spots.

Security Tips For Using Hot Spots

a) While logging in, confirm nobody is watching your keyboard. Always take care to keep your laptop's keyboard, out of sight from stranger while logging in using password.

b) Disable your network card if you are offline.

c) Always use the firewall when you are online.

d) Disable the ad-hoc mode on your network card.

e) Enable peer-to-peer connection.

f) Use digital signatures to authenticate and identify yourself while you are viewing email.

g) Always keep your system updated.

h) If possible avoid using your credit card for online transactions on Hot Spots.

i) While exchanging your personal information like credit card details online, make sure you are using a secure connection.

Hot Spot is the gift from the technology for the people on the move but make sure to have up-to-date system configurations and follow the above security tips because the hackers are always active to hack your personal data.


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