Monday, November 28, 2005

Teenage safety on internet

Internet kids safety tips

I think nobody will disagree the point that Internet is marvelous source of information. Internet helps you to explore ocean of the knowledge, get information on your hobbies, and keep in touch with your love ones.

The worrying fact is unregulated nature of Internet. Anybody can take a fake identity and dupe the people resulting in financial frauds, online threats, publishing the pornographic materials on the Internet and more worrying part of Internet is that the innocent children can easily fall the prey of online anti-social activities.

If your unescorted children innocently search the Internet the chances of being they get encounter with an adult site, are more. The solution is to keep a track on each and every activity, which is more unlikely.

Kids and family internet security solutions

  • It may not possible for parents to keep close watch on their children but at least it is expected to set clear guidelines to the children. To avoid misuse of computer by children it is necessary to keep computer in common room instead of bedroom of children.

  • It is true that technology cannot be an alternative to the parental supervision but with the help of the Microsoft products you can able to protect your children from viewing obscene content on the Internet.

  • You can find many good sites for your kids. But if you don't want to compromise with privacy and if you don't agree with the privacy policy of a particular Web site then you may go for a similar site that doesn't require any personal information.

  • The best solution is to block the notorious Web sites before it gets to you. Some Microsoft softwares such as IE 6 Content Advisor, MSN 9 Parental Controls and Xbox Parental controls make you possible to block such notorious Web sites.

The bottomline is, if parents seriously think over it and set some safety rules, the Internet can be very useful place for their children.


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