Friday, November 11, 2005

How to become a computer security specialists ?

How to become a computer security specialists ?

Could you imagine a life without a computer? The most obvious answer would be "No". Computers have become part and parcel of day-to-day life right from school to offices.

Most of the computer users encounter problems occasionally, it may be crashing hard drive or the password recovery problem. The increasing computer density has created a high demand for specialists to provide services to computer users related to administration, maintenance, and to recover networks problems.

The first computer invented a need of the support specialists. They provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users. Support specialists find out problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems. On phone they analyze problems using automated diagnostic programs, and resolve the problems.

Nature of work

Support specialists either work within a company that uses computer systems or for a computer hardware or software vendor. They also work for help-desk or support services firms, where they provide computer support to clients on a contract basis like AMC (Annual Maintaunance Contract).

Technical support specialists are doctors of computer, they provide valuable assistance to their organization’s computer users. Most of the employees although use the computers but are not computer experts, they often run into computer problems that they cannot resolve on their own. The role of technical support specialists start here. They know how to install, modify, clean, and repair computer hardware and software. They also manage to repair monitors, keyboards, printers, and mouse.

I think this field is very hot...Computer support specialists and systems administrators are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations over the 2002-12 period. Why not the new computer aspirants try their luck in this field.


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