Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Google click-to-call in pipeline

Google click-to-call in pipeline

Google is always trying to provide the user-friendly services to public. Google begins testing new service click-to-call. This service enables users of its search engine to speak directly to advertisers on Google's search result page. Now you need not have to call advertiser on the phone.

Now, while surfing on Internet you can click a phone icon adjacent to an ad. Enter advertiser's phone number and click on connect for free button. Now Google service calls the advertiser's phone number and connects web surfer to an advertiser. Ultimately It will save your money on phone calls.

I appreciate Google's this move. Right from beginning i.e Google search, Google AdSense, Google Base and now Google's click-to-call, Google is trying to serve better and better. I again appreciate Google for trying to provide click-to-call utility for its user. After marvellous success of Google AdSense, Google's this move to give the benefit to its users is appreciable. Hats off to you! Google.


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