Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Finding the right hair style for my face

Finding the right hair style for my faceAs a fashion crazy individual I am finding the right hair style for my face. I studied faces with different hair styles such as square face small eyes hair style and best hair style for fine hair and oval face shape. As a hair designer I came across various hair style for face shape and hair type.

From hair style magazine you can choose face of your choice. You can also choose celebrity hair styles fro all faces. For the best hair style for you face shape see a picture of yourself.

Hair style for round face...

I will recommend medium bob hair styles for wide face and funky hair styles to suit a round face hair styles fall 2005. You can also select short black hair styles for round face. The good long layered hair styles for round faces have been also found very attractive.

If you have oval long face then go for long layered hair styles for oval long faces. Find face shape hair style design and also get best hair style for square face on this site


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Feel like shaking things up? Try men's hair styles!


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