Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Google click-to-call in pipeline

Google click-to-call in pipeline

Google is always trying to provide the user-friendly services to public. Google begins testing new service click-to-call. This service enables users of its search engine to speak directly to advertisers on Google's search result page. Now you need not have to call advertiser on the phone.

Now, while surfing on Internet you can click a phone icon adjacent to an ad. Enter advertiser's phone number and click on connect for free button. Now Google service calls the advertiser's phone number and connects web surfer to an advertiser. Ultimately It will save your money on phone calls.

I appreciate Google's this move. Right from beginning i.e Google search, Google AdSense, Google Base and now Google's click-to-call, Google is trying to serve better and better. I again appreciate Google for trying to provide click-to-call utility for its user. After marvellous success of Google AdSense, Google's this move to give the benefit to its users is appreciable. Hats off to you! Google.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Teenage safety on internet

Internet kids safety tips

I think nobody will disagree the point that Internet is marvelous source of information. Internet helps you to explore ocean of the knowledge, get information on your hobbies, and keep in touch with your love ones.

The worrying fact is unregulated nature of Internet. Anybody can take a fake identity and dupe the people resulting in financial frauds, online threats, publishing the pornographic materials on the Internet and more worrying part of Internet is that the innocent children can easily fall the prey of online anti-social activities.

If your unescorted children innocently search the Internet the chances of being they get encounter with an adult site, are more. The solution is to keep a track on each and every activity, which is more unlikely.

Kids and family internet security solutions

  • It may not possible for parents to keep close watch on their children but at least it is expected to set clear guidelines to the children. To avoid misuse of computer by children it is necessary to keep computer in common room instead of bedroom of children.

  • It is true that technology cannot be an alternative to the parental supervision but with the help of the Microsoft products you can able to protect your children from viewing obscene content on the Internet.

  • You can find many good sites for your kids. But if you don't want to compromise with privacy and if you don't agree with the privacy policy of a particular Web site then you may go for a similar site that doesn't require any personal information.

  • The best solution is to block the notorious Web sites before it gets to you. Some Microsoft softwares such as IE 6 Content Advisor, MSN 9 Parental Controls and Xbox Parental controls make you possible to block such notorious Web sites.

The bottomline is, if parents seriously think over it and set some safety rules, the Internet can be very useful place for their children.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome Microsoft Xbox 360

Welcome Microsoft Xbox 360

Thousands of Xbox fans waited in cold weather across the United States to give a warm welcome to Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 video game console on Tuesday.

Many of them are not so lucky as me since most stores displayed sold out board in front of them. Many of Xbox lovers were ready to pay $2,000 on ebay for this console.

Difference between xbox 360 and playstation 3 game graphics

What I found unique in the Xbox 360 is that it offers near-photo-realistic graphics, play music and video and link up gaming communities over the Internet that Sony and Nintendo is planning to offer next year.

I found $400 tag model of Xbox more appealing over the $300 as it has a removable hard drive and can play older Xbox titles. I am confident that $400 model will gain more popularity.

Compare Microsoft Xbox 360 with Sony PlayStation 3

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The zombies virus real threat comes back

The zombies virus real threat comes back

I had a nightmare last night where I was wandering on empty street in dark night. Suddenly I caught by the zombies. As soon as they tried to eat me I screamed up and got awake. If I am not mistaken Zombies are fictitious characters from Hollywood movies but in the cyber world Zombies are notorious characters known as spam zombies. Spam Zombies are most hated entities by Netizens.

With help from zombie machines infected by earlier editions of the Sober worm. Anti-virus vendors warned Netizens about a new variant of the Sober worm that was targeting e-mail servers across the world.

Sober.AG is the latest variant of mass e-mail worms. Appeared on Monday, after machines infected with older variants began spamming out the new version in a massive e-mail flood.
The spoof e-mail messages lure the recipients forcing them to open the virus attachment, including messages that falsely assume to come from the FBI and CIA.

MessageLabs said it blocked more than 2.7 million e-mail messages with the new Sober variant.
Symantec said that the company has received more than 1,600 samples of the worm from corporations and 300 from consumers.

Although Sober worms are not new, but it has been in limelight due to its latest variant that is much more widely distributed than other recent versions.
This new variant of Sober uses a variety of tempting messages to lure users both in German and English.
Messages pretend to come from the FBI or CIA request users that their IP address has been logged on more than 30 illegal Websites, and ask them to open an attached file containing a list of questions.

Many recipients of Sober.AG worm attachment get spoofed by the promises of a glimpse of videos of jet-setters Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Once you open the attachment Sober worm spreads and infects your PC.

The FBI has already alerted the public not to fall a prey to spam zombies and advised customers to update their anti-virus signatures immediately to stop spam zombies.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Most dangerous computer virus symptoms

Most dangerous computer virus symptoms

As my blogger friends do, I too spent most of my time on surfing the net. Thanks to the broad band connectivity which made me possible to satiate my hunger for knowledge. Due to broad band internet connectivity I can explore the Web seamlessly. But friends do not forget, PCs with broad band internet connections are more vulnerable to virus attacks than PCs with dial-up connections.

Adwares, Spywares, worms, and Trojan horses are nototrious cousins of viruses. Virtually all of them are most dangerous malicious programs that can cause damage to your PC and important data saved on your PC.

They can even slow down the speed of broad band internet connections, and most dangerous computer virus use your computer to spread it to your friends, family, and the entire network. Once you see the most dangerous computer virus symptoms on your PC you must immediately think for the solutions to remove it.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Windows vista and windows xp what is the differences

Windows vista and windows xp what is the differences

After spending a lot of time on making next-generation operating system Longhorn alias Windows Vista. A series of questions arised in my mind...

  • windows vista and windows xp what is the differences ?
  • What is so special about Windows Vista?
  • Why should I go for it ?
  • What would user experience windows vista features ?
  • How do I get a product key for windows vista ?
  • Where do I get windows vista ?
  • Can i boot windows vista from a floppy?
  • How to download windows vista ?
I think till date, Microsoft has been successful to lure the prospective customers by promising to add the features such as attractive graphical interfaces and new search-engine functions. But what about security features?

Microsoft promises more features in the upcoming beta 2 release, and the upgrade version is scheduled to go on sale next year. This is what Microsoft says.



Get noticed by the world using Google Base

Get noticed by the world using Google Base

Finally I got platform to publish my work, thoughts, my experience, my hobby and profession related work etc. For many years writing aspirants like me and sorts of mine, were searching the platform where we can publish our article freely and more important; confidently. Yet another exciting product launched by Google known as Google Base. This is a place where you can post any type of content.

From the horses mouth

Google Base is a place where you can add all types of information that we'll host and make searchable online.

You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they search Google Base. In fact, based on the relevance of your items, they may also be included in the main Google search index and other Google products like Froogle and Google Local.

It has the ability to upload a page at a time or multiple pages at once You can see the uploaded content in Google's main index, Froogle or Google Local search according to its relevancy.

Now you are only three steps away from being viewed by world...

Choose an item type

Tell Google what type of item you want to post. If you want you may also define your own.

Enter information about your item. Write a descriptive content, add pictures and labels. You have option to choose labels from variety of labels available on it.


Click Publish and you will see your item on its own publicly viewable web page and on Google.
Get noticed by the world...Thanks to Google for the efforts taken. I was eagerly awaiting Google Base.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Laser printer ink saving tips

I spent most of the time to surf the Internet. I came across many web pages, which I find useful. Usually I take printouts of these web pages to use them for my later work. As heavy printer user, I had been in search of printer tips, which could save my money. Ultimately I was seeking software for printers that would save the printer ink. But I found the following useful tips to save the printer ink I hope you too will find it interesting.

Select specific parts of your document, so you don't have to print it entirely. This can obviously be helpful in saving ink. To do this, simply select the area or the part of the document you want to print. Now, in the print dialog box just choose Selection in under the Page range. Now your printout won't have banner ads or pictures that are of no use to you. Many times it happens that you want to print at a lower resolution to save ink, or you want to print on both sides on the paper.

Various printers offer different types of printing options, which you can use to suit your printing needs. Let's take a look at some of these options. Many printers also offer some kind of toner or ink saving mode, which lets you print really fast using much lesser ink. This is especially useful for printing drafts or rough copies of long documents.

The printer dialog box lets you print specific pages in a document, or a specific range of pages. You can also print multiple copies of the same document if you want. For more options you can click on the Properties button. This will let you do many things, such as select the resolution at which you want to print. A higher resolution uses more ink but gives better quality, and vice versa.

You can also choose to print on both sides of the paper, which come in handy for things such as manuals or books. You can choose the size of your printing media, if you, say, want to print on envelopes or postcards. You can also change the orientation of your printout, so you can print in portrait or landscape mode.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

How to become a computer security specialists ?

How to become a computer security specialists ?

Could you imagine a life without a computer? The most obvious answer would be "No". Computers have become part and parcel of day-to-day life right from school to offices.

Most of the computer users encounter problems occasionally, it may be crashing hard drive or the password recovery problem. The increasing computer density has created a high demand for specialists to provide services to computer users related to administration, maintenance, and to recover networks problems.

The first computer invented a need of the support specialists. They provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users. Support specialists find out problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems. On phone they analyze problems using automated diagnostic programs, and resolve the problems.

Nature of work

Support specialists either work within a company that uses computer systems or for a computer hardware or software vendor. They also work for help-desk or support services firms, where they provide computer support to clients on a contract basis like AMC (Annual Maintaunance Contract).

Technical support specialists are doctors of computer, they provide valuable assistance to their organization’s computer users. Most of the employees although use the computers but are not computer experts, they often run into computer problems that they cannot resolve on their own. The role of technical support specialists start here. They know how to install, modify, clean, and repair computer hardware and software. They also manage to repair monitors, keyboards, printers, and mouse.

I think this field is very hot...Computer support specialists and systems administrators are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations over the 2002-12 period. Why not the new computer aspirants try their luck in this field.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Maintenance tips for a pc

I don't think that buying an expensive computer is enough to relax for a lifetime. You must spend a little time taking care of your PC. To enjoy better services from your computer read following maintenance tips for a pc, that will always keep your PC fine and fit.

Maintenance tips for a pc

1) Always keep your PC clean:

As you know very well cleanliness is next to godliness. This rule applies to your PC too. Regularly clean your system. Use mild screen-cleaning solution for the monitor. Clean the keyboard and interior of CPU with a blower or a vacuum cleaner. Kindly take care to switch off the power before cleaning them.

2) Clean Windows temporary files and XP Restore Points:

Keep habit to clean Windows temporary files and XP Restore Points. If you are using a Windows XP machine the files are located in "C:\windows\temp or C:\winnt\temp." Delete User Temp files from the location "C:\documents and settings\username\local settings\temp."
Delete as much trash as possible from this folder to increase the space and efficiency of your system's hard drive. Click here for details on how to remove restore points.

3) Always keep Recycle Bin empty:
Don't waste the hard drive space for a trash. Empty the Recycle Bin. Don't store junk files in the Recycle Bin. Your system will be faster if it has maximum free space. Always keep it clean.

4) Delete temporary files before scanning:

Whenever you defragment or scan a hard drive for errors, delete all temporary files before defragmenting. You will need less time for defragmenting or scanning a hard drive.

5) Delete cache files to increase download speed:

Regularly check Internet explorer's history and cache files. Delete the cache files and clear the history files. Deleting the cache files helps to speed up the download. As there is more space available to store the temporary files.

6) Delete files that begin with a tilde (~):

When cleaning the system of garbage files, you might also like to check for any files beginning with a tilde (~). Delete files that begin with a tilde (~).
7) Delete old .zip files:

After unzipping files users leave the zipped file on their computer. If you don't need it, delete it. You can save it on CDR or CD-RW disc.

8) Update your OS and applications using latest service packs or updates:

Always be in search of latest updates to protect your system from future problems. If you have Windows operating system then you can rely on "Windows Updates" tool in your Internet Explorer program. Always update your computer with latest available patch.

9) Regularly update drivers:

Always be sure that you've installed the latest drivers for devices such as modems, sound cards, video cards, printers etc. Go to the manufacturer's site to get the latest Drivers. Do not delete old driver install files before confirming that new driver files are ok. Take back up on a CDR for future use. If you have Windows XP operating system click here for more details on Windows XP Driver Updates.

10) Keep the windows boot disk handy:

If you want to protect your computer having Windows XP home operating system you must create a new Restore Point. In case of hard disk problem, keep the windows boot disk handy.

11) Frequently change your system passwords:

It is recommended to change your system passwords very often to protect your system from hacking. Use complicated password with combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

12) Update your Antivirus program:

Regularly update your antivirus program. The virus programmers spread hundreds of viruses on the Internet. You must regularly update your antivirus program for latest virus signatures.

13) Remember to backup your Data:

Backup is necessary when your system crashes. Spend some time to take a backup since you will have to reinstall a new Operating system incase of hardware failure.

14) Remove Spyware, Trojan horse and malicious programs immediately:

As soon as you suspect any infection such as Spyware and Trojan horse, immediately remove it using reputed antivirus program.

15) Install Firewall:
You must install a firewall to protect your system from hackers, Trojans, worms, and spyware. Firewall is must for every computer connected with the Internet.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Finding the right hair style for my face

Finding the right hair style for my faceAs a fashion crazy individual I am finding the right hair style for my face. I studied faces with different hair styles such as square face small eyes hair style and best hair style for fine hair and oval face shape. As a hair designer I came across various hair style for face shape and hair type.

From hair style magazine you can choose face of your choice. You can also choose celebrity hair styles fro all faces. For the best hair style for you face shape see a picture of yourself.

Hair style for round face...

I will recommend medium bob hair styles for wide face and funky hair styles to suit a round face hair styles fall 2005. You can also select short black hair styles for round face. The good long layered hair styles for round faces have been also found very attractive.

If you have oval long face then go for long layered hair styles for oval long faces. Find face shape hair style design and also get best hair style for square face on this site

Tips For Using WiFi Hot Spots

Tips For Using WiFi Hot Spots

Internet access via free public wireless networks is provided by many service providers and known as Hot Spots. Now a day Hot Spots are available at railway stations, airports, and fast food chains and even at underground subways.

The Hot Spots enable you to get instantly online at any location where these facilities are available. No doubt all credit goes to advance technology but what about security. What is the security risk involved? The question of security arises because these networks are built for ease of use. Neglecting security aspect of networking.

The hackers with the help of Packet Sniffers software can steal unsecured and unencrypted packets of data from the air for later use of their personal benefits.
In this scenario if a person who has logged in with his username and passwords and he doesn't have a proper configuration of security set up on his laptop. Then a hacker could easily intrude into victim's laptop with an intention to steal personal information of victim.

It means that some precautions have to be taken while connecting to Hot Spots. Also it doesn't mean that all the connections through the Hot Spots are vulnerable to attacks. Many service providers do provide some defensive solutions such as air monitors to locate unusual activities on the network. But as an individual user of these Hot Spots, it is recommended to be very cautious while surfing through these Hot Spots.

Security Tips For Using Hot Spots

a) While logging in, confirm nobody is watching your keyboard. Always take care to keep your laptop's keyboard, out of sight from stranger while logging in using password.

b) Disable your network card if you are offline.

c) Always use the firewall when you are online.

d) Disable the ad-hoc mode on your network card.

e) Enable peer-to-peer connection.

f) Use digital signatures to authenticate and identify yourself while you are viewing email.

g) Always keep your system updated.

h) If possible avoid using your credit card for online transactions on Hot Spots.

i) While exchanging your personal information like credit card details online, make sure you are using a secure connection.

Hot Spot is the gift from the technology for the people on the move but make sure to have up-to-date system configurations and follow the above security tips because the hackers are always active to hack your personal data.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dry Hair Remedies & Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care: Dry Hair Remedies
If you think, dryness is the only skin related problem; you are wrong. Winter season brings the problem of dry hair. No doubt winter season brings relief from the hot summer but it also brings the dryness to hair. The beautiful and healthy hair is the integral part of women's fitness. Our expert's bring you the dry hair remedies tips for winter season.

Wash your hair with mild shampoo
First wash your hair with lukewarm water during winter season, now apply a mild shampoo on it. Create rich foam by applying circular movement on hair. Avoid hot water and over shampooing. It will make your hair more dry because hot water will result in removing all traces of natural oil from your scalp leading to dry hair, dandruff and hair loss.

Condition your hair with hair conditioner
Condition your hair with large quantity of conditioner. Hair conditioners help to reduce dryness caused by the cold weather. In winter season conditioners are a must after every wash, especially for a dry hair.

Opt for a hair repair mask
For extremly dry hair go for a deep conditioning treatment at a salon. You may also opt for a hair repair mask, which helps to regain the natural oil from the hair and gives lustrous look to hair.

Apply hair serum
You may also apply hair serum on your hair. Naturally produced sebum in the sebaceous glands under the scalp, nourishes the scalp and hair. But in winter season your hair needs external serum treatment. Apply the serum on the hair that nourishes the hair. Take two to three drops of the serum readily available in market, and apply on each strand when the hair is wet, slightly blow-dry the hair.

Home remedy for dry hair Boil together one cup of milk, one cup of water, and dried rose petals. Allow the mixture to cool and pour into a blender. Add a ripe avocado and two teaspoons each of honey and almond paste or non-alcoholic almond oil. Blend the ingredients together. Massage this homemade hair conditioner carefully into your hair coating the ends well. Wrap hair in plastic and rinse after 30 minutes.

Anti static treatment
If your hair is charged with static energy, brushing your hair is a very big problem. This problem is very common in winter season. Static charge does more damage to hair. Even if you use static free brushes, rub a dryer softener sheet or piece of anti static mat over the brush, and even down the wake of the hair, before brushing. It will reduce the tangles in hair. You can also apply cedar wood oil on hair after washing to give lustrous look to your hair.

Cover your hair with scarf
Your hair also needs protection from the intense sunlight and dry air as your skin. The problem of dry dandruff is common in winter season. Comb your hair four to five times a day to get rid off dry dandruff and don't forget to cover your hair with scarf especially while traveling on motobikes for long drive.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Work Smarter, Not Just Harder.

No doubt there is no alternative for hardwork. Being a strong follower of hardwork I believe in working hard. But my favorite personal quote is "Work Smarter, Not Just Harder."